Post Processing

·        After contribution drive collect the following from Contribution drive chair person

o   Cash Tally sheet

§  Counting needs to be done in the presence of at least 2 people

§  Don’t forget to have everyone sign

§  Deposit the cash as soon as you get them in BOA checking account

o   Stack of checks

o   An excel file listing

§  Student first name

§  Student last name

§  Class room

§  Parent first name

§  Parent last name

§  Contribution amount

§  Check number/CC last 4 digits/Paypal ID last 4 digits

§  Teacher’s name

·         Treasurer shall photocopy all the checks

o   Fit as many checks on a page as you can

o   Shrink and reduce is fine

o   This is our record in case of audit

o   Recruit a few volunteers to do this on 2 photo copiers

·        Double check the checks to make sure they match the excel file

o   Compile a summary of the contribution drive

Unknown user,
Aug 25, 2017, 10:26 AM