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Every parent of a student at Mission San Jose Elementary School is automatically a member of the Parent Teacher Club. Unlike many other schools, MSJE PTC operates independently from a national association and all funds go directly to our school. The majority of PTC funding comes from donations made by MSJE parents and corporations. With the funding, PTC supports many on-going programs and events to enrich your children’s lives at MSJE. You can help plan these activities by becoming involved in the PTC. 

The PTC meets every second Tuesday of the month from 7:00 to 8:00 pm in the MSJE library to plan on-going programs and events.

2019-20 MSJE PTC Board of Officers
President: Alice Wu

Co-VP: Samecha Rao and Rupalee Vermette 

Co-Secretary: Jyothi Maalika and Jayashree Gopalan

Co-Treasurer: Shane Vermette and Priscilla Yau


Please go here for a full list of officers, chairs, and email addresses: Who's Who