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Treasurer Procedures

When a group of teachers (typically the same grade level but this is not a requirement) wish to fund and pay for a joint activity for their students, the PTC will assist in the following way:

1. The PTC will act as a bank and accept deposits and make payments at the request of the teachers.

All deposits will be subject to the rules and fees of our financial institution, Bank of America.

The PTC does not have the ability to verify the status of any checks or cash accepted by us. Thus, all deposits are provisional, Tally Sheets, not withstanding, until accepted by Bank of America.

Any charges and fees imposed by Bank of America for bad checks (for any reason) or counterfeit currency will be applied against the deposit.

2. Every transaction must be classified as a teacher's allotment. We can not create new categories such as a "first grade field trip" account. But a check request can use money from several teachers' allotment via the Split Table on the second page of the check request form.

3. Every deposit must be documented with a Tally Sheet and the Tally sheet must indicate which teacher's allotment the funds are for. The teacher handing over the Tally sheet should keep a copy of the Tally sheet after the treasurer has signed it. The teacher may do this by taking a photo or the treasurer can take a photo and email it to the teacher. This is for the protection of the teacher and the treasurer.

4. When a check request is made, the requester may specify the charges are to be split among more than one teacher. The requester must document the approval of the other teachers being charged by having them initial the split being applied to their allotment. 

The split must be in dollars and cents, we will not compute a split described as a formula such as "10% for teacher 1 and 75% for teacher 2 and 15% for teacher 3". 

The PTC check request form has been modified to provide a place to specify the split.

The following image is presented as an example of the revised check request form.
Please use an original, numbered form.


Printed Tally sheets may be obtained from the Treasurer's mailbox in the school office or may be downloaded and printed on demand.