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Zoom Classroom Etiquette

To reduce delays and the burden on the Zoom moderator, please encourage your children to do the following:

1. join the meeting a few minutes before school starts at 8:20. If any child is late, as indicated by a head count, the teacher has to do a roll call to see who is absent. If all kids are there, he can skip the roll call.

2. stay in the zoom meeting until the end of school at 1:55. Mute their audio and video during recess and lunch. Then they can come back to class without going through the waiting room. There will be times when they have to use zoom for another class, but aside from those classes, this will reduce the time they do spend in the waiting room.

3. Some users on a chromebook may exhibit excessively high volume and distortion. This can usually be fixed by lowering the microphone gain.