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2017 Green Projects and Activities
In the school year 2016-2017, the Green team continues to work on sustaining as well as new projects. While continuing the food waste program and building consciousness around the school to sort correctly, a "Food Share Table" has been formally launched in our school. MSJE once again leads the way even as Fremont Unified School District is beginning to adopt this standard across schools in the district. Our new initiatives include exciting new projects undertaken by the 6th grade including sheet mulching and learning about healthy soil. To read more click here.

Lunch Food Waste Program:
In November 2014, with the help of the school district and Republic Services, we launched the Food Waste Program at MSJE (view launch flyer) to sort our lunch time waste appropriately into Recyclable, Compostable and Landfill waste. With this program now established at MSJE, on a given day we typically generate one bag of Landfill, one bag of Recycle and 1-2 bags of Compost waste today. This is in contrast to 10-12 bags of Landfill waste that used to be generated each day at lunch at MSJE before this program came into effect! This program is currently supervised by parent and student volunteers.

Shelter Drop-offs: An addition to the Food Waste program includes collecting unopened and unused food at lunch, such as milk tetrapaks, fruit etc., to be dropped off at a local shelter twice a week by parent volunteers. This brings about a consciousness of reducing food waste and helping the less fortunate members in our community.

4R's Education: StopWaste with 5th Graders
We are successfully into our second year of collaboration with the organization StopWaste in implementing the education of the 4R's and building awareness within the campus and community. In the school year 2014-2015, the 5th graders at MSJE went through several classroom sessions to understand the impact of recycling and composting on the environment, and gave presentations to every class from K-6 in MSJE to spread this learning. In addition, they participated in several waste audits to determine how the school managed their waste sorting in the cafeteria and across campus. This year, in addition to the above initiatives, our current 5th graders are taking on a Fremont community project to install Recycle and Compost bins at Club Sport, a local fitness center in Fremont.

Food Waste Reduction: StopWaste with 6th Graders
This is an exciting new program to address food waste reduction in our community. The 6th Graders attended a science camp in Mission Springs Outdoor Education earlier this year and were involved in efforts to bring about awareness around food waste measurement and prevention at the camp. StopWaste has launched this program for the first time in our school and the participation and involvement has generated a lot of excitement. Click here for more on this exciting new project.

A Green Campus and Beyond
With new and bold signage across campus and at the various bins, we want to instill in every student, teacher, parent and member of the MSJE community that it is important to "Think Before You Throw".We would like to extend what we practice at lunch in the cafeteria, to every aspect of the MSJE campus and beyond, to keep our community green and emphasize the importance of respecting and preserving the world we live in. Our "Green Tip of the Month" distributed monthly is another effort to bring the discussion to the classroom on how each student can take small steps and make a difference to the environment.