Who's Who

President: Alice Wu

Vice-President: Rupalee Vermette

Co-Treasurers: Priscilla Yau & Shane Vermette

Co-Secretaries: Jayashree Gopalan & Jyothi Krishnamurthi

Committee Chairs

Contribution Drive - Maheen Hamid

Book Fair - open

BoxTop - Trupa Patel

Halloween Carnival - Jyothi Krishnamurthi & Shauna Rae Saroufim

Holiday Kid Store - Swapna Anandan, Amrita Roy

Ice Cream Social - open

Movie Night - open

Family Picnic - open

T-Shirts - Cathy Liu

Yearbook - Rebecca Mabey

Chess Team - Terry Liu

FAME - Shauna Rae Saroufim & Rashida Jivraj

Field Day - Harinder Mangat & Karan Bajaj

Green Club - Priscilla Yao

Schmahl Science - Tejal Shah

Hospitality - Priscilla Yao

Math Competition - Suparna Chakraborty

Math Counts - Veena Dong

Math Olympiad - Veena Dong 

Odyssey of the Mind - Aarti Agarwal

Traffic Safety - Harinder Mangat & Karan Bajaj

Sixth Grade Promotion Activities - open

Staff Appreciation - Pooja Sharma

Technology - Sudhir Agarwal

Website & Communication - Philip Ngai

We are in need for volunteer committee chairs.  Parents, please consider taking charge of one of the open committees.  Your involvement is what makes MSJE special for our children.

If interested in any position, please email Alice Wu at president.ptc@msje-ptc.org

To contact any board members or committee chairs, please use the MSJE Konstella system.